Greta Van Fleet Support Black Lives Matter And Urge Fans To Join The Fight

Like so many members of the rock community, Greta Van Fleet have expressed their allyship with Black Lives Matter. On Wednesday (June 3), the band shared a lengthy message via Instagram detailing how they plan to support the movement, and asking The Peaceful Army to join the fight.

"The four of us support the message of the Black Lives Matter movement and embrace its invitation for all of us to examine institutionalized racism, including our own part in the problem," the band wrote. "We are not here to heist or appropriate the message of Black Lives Matter. As white men, now is the time for us to stand behind, support and amplify the voices of the people who are being affected by racism in this country. We must and will use our platform to help relieve suffering."

They went on to condone hate and put a call to ending "the systematic hate and racism that has prevailed since the founding of this country."

"Being an ally of Black Lives Matter will not constitute a single social media post or a one-time statement from us, but is something that will be at the forefront of our thoughts every day," they continued. "Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we will continue to make it a way of our lives and our art, albeit more publicly now."

The band vowed to donate and amplify charities; spread love and acceptance through their music and The Peaceful Army; participate in community service and education; and listen to, not bully, each other.

"We’ll be striving every day to ensure that we are standing behind our fellow human beings. And strive towards transformative, long term change," they wrote before asking their fans to join the cause. "We ask that you all do the same. Listen to each other, let each other grieve, allow compassion in light of other’s [sic] anger, console one another. We ourselves are mad as hell and overwhelmed at the moment, but the only way to march forward in hopes of systemic change is to learn from the lessons of history and work every single day for peace and equality. Please come from a place of sympathy, love and kindness."

They admitted they still have a lot to learn and shared a link for anyone who's "looking to expand your knowledge and awareness of anti-racism."

"We all have a very long way to go as a society. When words alone won’t do the moment justice, music and art will fill the voice," Greta Van Fleet concluded their message. "Peaceful Army, we will get through this together."

On Thursday, the band also revealed ways for fans to donate to affected families and sign petitions to demand justice, and provided links to everything.

See both of Greta Van Fleet's posts below.

Photo: Getty Images

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