New Motley Crue Track in Advance of their Netflix Movie - 'The Dirt'

So the Motley Crue movie 'The Dirt' will finally see the light of day on Netflix with a drop date of March 22nd. I'm not overly optimistic but I'll give it a fair shot. I wasn't thrilled to see 'Bohemian Rhapsody' either and was pleasantly surprised.

The Crue wasn't gonna pass up an opportunity to release some new music... which doesn't violate their 'retirement' rules... they've always maintained that they would potentially continue to record and play the occasional gig. Just no more exhaustive world tours. This probably fits the Crue like a leather glove anyway. No need to labor over a full length album that nobody cares to hear. Just a new song or two that can be pimped on iTunes as quickly and easily as some sex worker on the Sunset Strip. Quick, cheap, disposable.

Have a listen to the new track below. I kinda dig it although I find the chorus to be lazy and underwhelming. Of course there is a guest spot from Machine Gun Kelly which not only serves to promote his role as Tommy Lee in the movie but also acts as a gimmick to appear relevant to a different audience. All standard marketing procedure in movies and music. Hey... where's the video game tie in?

Maybe that's still coming. I'm sure we'll get wind of it somehow.

CAUTION: Naughty words and subject matter in vid below.

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